Debaran Wright
0421 409 069

Artist Biography : Debaran Wright

I have exhibited in a number of galleries in the Brisbane area, The Art Factory, Logan Art Gallery and lately at Hilltop on Mount Tamborine.  I have a completed a number of commissions for clients locally, in Sydney and in England. Some of my work now hangs in The Hague and France.

I like to work in areas of experimentation: Working with Bitumen. There is an organic + primeval history to Bitumen and the product has its own behaviour.  I am overwhelmed by the variety of reactions Bitumen provides.  I have worked with Aluminium, Shellac and Bitumen, each of these elements are not ‘compatible’ and the end results are intriguing.  My latest works include using Bitumen with oil or acrylic paint – this creates a visceral and textured element which I am finding most pleasing.

I also challenge myself by painting with ink on canvas, paper or Yupo – ink is unforgiving and requires careful execution, working with ink results in a joyful and vibrant end product. In addition to these I am presently working with many mixed media and loving the unexpected end results of vibrant ink, various gels, paper collage, etc.

I continue to teach a variety of students in various mediums: drawing, water colour, acrylic and oils – this is still such a joy! Over many years I have run workshops for Brisbane and Logan City Councils, etc. and continue to run classes for those in the community who experience serious mental health challenges.

I am still fascinated by art and the journey it takes me on.  My drawings and paintings are truly the diary of my life.

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